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Feature Spotlight: Pricing Details

As is the case with most businesses, a lot of the work that goes into our product isn't "visible" change. Over the last couple of months, we've spent a whole lot of time getting the word out about Packershack -- via SEO, building interesting infographics, and even meeting up with hostellers and hostel owners in person. We've also spent a lot of time reworking our backend due to upgrades and integration of 3rd party software, and to improve performance.

But our goal is to be the best hostel metasearch/comparision site out there. And while we believe we already fit that bill, we decided it was high time to add something new: to improve the site in a visible way, making it an even more indespensible tool for hostel booking. So we asked ourselves: what is the biggest remaining pain point in hostel booking, and how can we fix it?

In the previous version of the site, we showed, for every hostel, the lowest price available from all vendors. And don't worry -- if price is your primary concern, that's still the first thing you'll see.

But the lowest price may not always be what you want -- you may be interested in a female-only dorm, for instance. Or you may find a twelve-person room to be too crowded and prefer a maximum of eight. Or you may be willing to pay a few extra dollars to get that private bathroom. Whatever your preference, it'd be very helpful to be able to see all the room options available for a given hostel, from all of the various hostel-booking sites out there, with the corresponding prices, all in one place. So we made it happen.

Note the "Details" button in the screenshot above. Clicking it will reveal the new Detailed Pricing tab. Here you'll find every kind of room offered by the hostel.

But it gets even better. When two vendors offer the same type of room for different prices, we only show you the best deal. So there's no clutter, just the info you want to see.

If you're curious, you can always take a peek by clicking "Show worse options," but soon you'll forget that weeding through all that information was ever part of booking a hostel.

So we're happy to announce that PackerShack now does even more of the trip-booking work for you, leaving you free to enjoy the journey!