Infographic in D3: US Obesity

Yet another d3.js infographic just for you! A couple weeks ago, the American Medical Association declared obesity a disease. There was a torrent of subsequent news coverage, and blog posts revolved around the subject for days. So, I decided why not find myself some data on obesity and do another data visualization even though one might argue that it has nothing to do with travelling. But just for fun, I'll try to tie the two together anyway.

When Jenny and I were travelling in Bangkok, Thailand back in 2008, we went to check out the world famous MBK center (a gigantic shopping mall). Like any other mall, the MBK center had tons of restaurants: you name it, it's probably got it. Among them was the obligatory Burger King, and as we passed by, we noticed it was packed with Western tourists, probably mostly American. Seriously, after travelling all this way to see the world and learn about other cultures, you're eating burgers from Burger King? Are you kidding me? For us, one of the best things about travelling is not necessarily the historical sites, museums or great beaches, it's the food. Invariably, whenever I crack open a new Lonely Planet guide book, I find myself jumping straight to the food section. Perhaps other people are not as into food as I am, or maybe they're just afraid to try something new, but I find it really sad to think someone would travel all the way to Thailand and then seek out a Burger King.

Enough ranting. Click on the image below to check it out.


Some suggestions:
1. How are the states in the stacked bar charts ordered? It's not obvious to me. It would be nice if they were ordered in some useful way.
2. It might be helpful to scale the pie charts on some other scale (log, maybe?) so you can actually see what's happening in the less populated states

If you mouse over the bar charts and the pie charts, a bubble with the name of the State will show up.
Great idea on the log scaling. I might have a button that will toggle that.

Thanks again.

Also, currently, as you might've noticed, the stacked bar chart is not sorted in any way. At one point I had they sorted automatically between each transition according the obese percentage. However, there was too much movement, and it was hard to discern what was going on. I could probably put the sorting functionality back in but only if the animation is stopped.

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